PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing is the electrical safety testing of portable electrical equipment. It consists of a visual inspection and various electrical tests carried out using test equipment. Appliances that have passed the equipment are deemed to be safe to use until the next test date. A sticker is attached to the equipment indicating Pass or fail and next test date. The intervals between test is normally 12months but can be between 6 to 24 months dependent on the environment. We normally put a 12 month annual Re-Test Date.

Integrated appliances and hard wired appliances where the plug point is not accessible a visual inspection and an earth test (where appropriate) will be performed.

  • 1-20 items (£37.50 ex vat | £45 inc vat)
  • 20-40 items (£55 ex vat | £66 inc vat)
  • Each item over 40. £1.20 inc vat

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