Gas Interlocks & Pressure Proving

What do i need for a compliant gas interlock system?

Gas Interlock Systems are a compulsory requirement for the majority of commercial kitchens, they are designed to shut off the gas supply to the kitchen in the event of a fan failure. They are also used to ensure that the air flow rates achieved by commercial kitchen extract systems meet the minimum standards as set out by DW/172, the specification of kitchen ventilation systems.

Gas interlock systems operate by monitoring the operation of the fan or fans within the ventilation system, this can be achieved by two methods.

Firstly a differential air pressure switch can be used, this senses the difference in air pressure either side of the fan (either intake or extract), the pressure switch can be set a different levels of sensitivity to achieve a shut off at the required level of air throughput. Alternatively an electrical current sensor can be used instead of an air pressure switch, this monitors the electrical current to the fan to achieve the same objective. Current monitors are available as a separate element, or in the case of some gas interlock control panels are built in.


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