Canopy Duct Cleaning Service

No matter how efficient your canopy filters are at trapping grease particles it is inevitable that deposits will start building up within the kitchen extraction and canopy. If you do not undertake cleaning on a regular basis the grease over time will become baked on and extremely difficult to remove. Reducing the effectiveness of the extraction system, shortening the fan’s life and creating a serious fire hazard in the kitchen. In addition bacteria develops in the fatty moist deposits, this becomes hazardous to health and a food source for cockroaches. Regular kitchen extraction cleaning is imperative to ensure the safety of the building and occupants are not at risk from fire

The Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order 2005 stipulates that by law a fire risk assessment should be undertaken. This requires the building’s owner or workplace manger to delegate a responsible person to identifying all possible sources of fire and eliminate or at least minimise the risk to the buildings occupants. Regular kitchen extract cleaning will remove the most common cause of fire within the kitchen.

B&ES Recommended Extraction Cleaning Service Intervals

Light Use – 2-6 Hours A Day
Annual – Moderate Use – 6-12 Hours A Day
Heavy Use
12-16 Hours A Day

We are increasingly seeing evidence that failure to clean your system by a professional accredited kitchen extraction cleaning company is invalidating insurance policies after fires.

We always undertake the cleaning at times convenient to you and do not charge extra for weekend or night work. Where access to the extraction system is not in place and is safe to do so we install access panels ensuring thorough cleaning. On completion, we provide a comprehensive post clean report and schedule of works. This is acceptable to environmental health inspections, fire regulations and insurance companies and is evidence to show you have taken action to minimise the fire risks from the build up of grease in your extraction system.


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